Childrens Handprint, Footprint, Handwriting Wallet Card- Anodized Aluminum



Black Anodized Aluminum Cards

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After your purchase is made, please respond to the confirmation email with any file uploads necessary to complete your order. All photo images, including handwriting or logos that are accepted include JPGs, PNGs, BMPs, and PDFs. (If you do not receive a conformation email, check your spam folder before contacting us)

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Perfect keepsake gift for ANY recipient, any occasion!! Customize this aluminum wallet insert to create a one-of-a-kind gift they will treasure!
We can laser engrave your child's photo with their actual handprints or footprints, your handwriting, any font for your message, or use a combination of font and handwriting.
Please select one or two-sided engraving. Price includes all engraving but please limit wording to 200 characters if in a font, 100 if in handwriting.

Black anodized aluminum metal card - Measurements: 3.375" x 2.125"

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NONE, Brush Script, Cambria Italic, Casion Bold, Casion Italic, Cambria Bold, Comic Sans, Embassy BT, Freehand, Freestyle, Georgia Italic, Script Regular, Segoe Print, Stencil, Tahoma Regular, Tekton Oblique, Times New Roman, Times New Roman Italic, Trajan, Trebuchet Bold, Verdana

Engraving Options

Both sides – Any Picture, Font , Logo and Handwriting, One side – Any Picture, Font, Logo or Handwriting