Anniversary Wooden Plank


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Plank Sizes

Plank Sizes

These custom basswood engraved wooden planks are the perfect wedding or anniversary keepsake or gift. These are totally customizable. Depending on the photo you want to use, the photo shape can be cropped and engraved in a heart, oval, square, or rectangle.

Each engraved wooden plank is unique in wood grain and can vary slightly in measurements. The bark is on 2 sides of the plank only. These are totally customizable with any message, or actual handwritten message into the wood. These are laser engraved deep into the wood, not a photo transfer. Each piece is treated with polyurethane to protect the wood after engraving.

1st) Choose from 1 of 3 wood sizes. See the sizing chart for info.

2nd) Choose from 1 of 4 photo shapes: Heart, Oval, Square, Rectangle, or None.

3rd) Choose from 1 of the 20 fonts available. See this FONT LIST IMAGE for examples.

4th) Personalize your wooden plank by uploading an image of your choice.*

* You will upload this information with any special instructions after placing your order. If you have questions or need clarification, feel free to call before placing your order so we can guide you through the process.

Large planks are approximately 23" in height and vary between 8" to 10" in width. Depth of planks is .63". ($77 each)
Medium planks are approximately 16" in height and vary between 11" to 13" in width. Depth of planks is .63". ($67 each)
Small planks are approximately 13" in height and vary between 9" to 11" in width. Depth of planks is .63". ($60 each)

Additional information

Plank Size

Large, Medium, Small

Photo Shape

Rectangle, Heart, Oval, Square, None


NONE, Brush Script, Cambria Italic, Casion Bold, Casion Italic, Cambria Bold, Comic Sans, Embassy BT, Freehand, Freestyle, Georgia Italic, Script Regular, Segoe Print, Stencil, Tahoma Regular, Tekton Oblique, Times New Roman, Times New Roman Italic, Trajan, Trebuchet Bold, Verdana